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Trust, Transparency, and Technology - That's Verify Now!

Welcome to Verify Now, one of the leading background verification agency in India that is revolutionising background verification services PAN India in a seamless and automated way without any HR intervention. Whether you are an employer, candidate or a client, elevate your trust through our comprehensive and cutting-edge AI-Powered onboarding procedure, that took us to the forefront of transforming the landscape of background verification services in India.

  • Leading background verification agency in India
  • Background verification services across PAN India
  • AI-Powered Onboarding Procedure
  • Trust, Transparency, and Efficiency in the industry

Positioned at the forefront of transforming background verification services in India.

Being positioned at the forefront of transforming background verification services in India is a significant achievement and a testament to our commitment to excellence. It signifies that Verify Now is leading the way in reshaping how background verification is conducted in the country.

  • 1. What We Offer

    We offer robust and compliant Employment Verification reports across India ensuring accurate and timely data collection of candidates including the reasons of leaving their past jobs, conduct of behaviour at workplace, experience or pitfalls. With a focus on reliability, customizable reporting, and a user-friendly interface, we help employers make informed hiring decisions, mitigate risks, and maintain compliance with regulations.

  • 2. Our Innovative Approach

    Our innovative approach leverages AI-driven processes, making us a trailblazer in the industry. We take pride in being completely automated, leaving no room for error and ensuring swift and accurate results. Through our user-friendly app, we have simplified the entire background verification queries and processes, providing a hassle-free experience for both employers and individuals.

  • 3. Our Mission

    In a digital age, trust, accuracy and transparency are paramount, and our mission is to deliver all. Whether you are an organization looking for trustworthy employees or an individual seeking hassle-free background checks, we are your trusted partner. Join us in redefining the future of background verification through the power of automation and innovation.

Get to know us

Our Philosophies


We provide the verified report of the candidate with precision along with the proof attached to ensure an accuracy towards each check.


We believe in data secrecy of the client profile which is made possible using our highly secure enterprise level policies..


Highly skilled employees using their expertise ensure to provide clients with detail step of the proceedings on the respective checks to maintain the policy of transparency we believe in.